How it works

About the platform

Uinspire Giving is a crowdfunding platform that brings together investors, volunteers and philanthropists to fund individuals, start-ups and community projects around the world. It is one of the four key pillars of the Uinspire organisation alongside Uinspire Invest, Uinspire Volunteering and Uinspire Mentoring.

• Uinspire Giving • Uinspire Invest • Uinspire Volunteering • Uinspire Mentoring

Our mission is to connect businesses, charities, individuals and social impact organisations with a global network to bring about positive economic, environmental and social change. We hope to build a sustainable future where even people in the most disadvantaged circumstances have the chance to live with dignity and make their dreams a reality. By placing integrity, transparency and trust at the very heart of our organisation, we aim to inspire generations of positive change within the global community.

Uinspire Giving crowdfunding platform allows people to:

Raise funds for a cause or person in need.
Donate to a cause or person they find worthy
  • How we are funded?

    We are a tech-for-good company. You are only charged fees on the funds you received plus any paym.

  • We charge ZERO fees

    PayPal charge 3.40% + 20p on each pledge - Fees may vary on pledges made from certain countries. Please refer to Most of fees we earn is invested in building better tools and support for donors and champions, monitoring progress and sharing the impact of the contributions, making it a win-win for everyone.

  • Innovation

    We think of ourselves as the R&D team for every cause in the world. We are building social giving platform to create more intelligent and powerful ways of connecting causes with people who care, which are open to everyone and every cause, however small.

  • Doing the decent thing

    We believe it’s not just what you do but how you do it. Our users trust us because we do not share their data with anyone without their permission. Uniquely, we never sell or trade personal information with third parties, or try to ‘upset’ other services on the back of people’s generosity.

  • Our Mission

    Contribute to creating a united, harmonious and prosperous world by connecting, inspiring, empowering and enabling people to achieve their dreams.