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Rohingya Nurture Support - Health, Nutrition, Maternity, Infant Services

Rohingya’s situation

Since the end of August 2017, the Burmese military has launched a brutal crackdown on the vulnerable Rohingya community in Burma, so more than 510,000 Rohingya have been forced to cross-border to Bangladesh. Most recently, the UNHCR said that even $200 million would not cover until the end of the year all expenses of Rohingya refugees.

Who are the Restless Beings?

Restless Beings have been working with and for the Rohingya community since 2008 setting up assistance and advocacy projects in Burma, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

Since the latest violence, through your support, Restless Beings has already supported 25,000 Rohingya refugees most notably with shelter and emergency food packs as well as hygiene packs. We are also in the process of building 100 water wells.

Why do we need your help?

We are now working in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh, other NGO's and Universities to produce long-term solutions for the half million Rohingya refugees. The cost of the project will be £200,000 which we need to raise by December 2018. Our project will now focus on the following:

  • Ongoing food distributions and hygiene distributions designed for and by Rohingya refugees according to needs (£300 feeds 50 refugees)
  • Long-term sanitation solutions (£100 provides sanitation facility to 100 Rohingya)
  • Assistance for expectant mothers, prenatal and postnatal care (more than 75,000 expectant mothers have arrived from Burma)
  • Supporting new mothers and newborns - lactating mothers and nutrition
  • Long-term holistic support for parentless children who are either orphaned or have been separated from their parents/li>
  • Nutrition, accommodation, medication, counselling, security and well-being to support parentless children (more than 4,000 parentless children have arrived from Burma)
  • Complete coverage, support and reporting from all the Rohingya camps to ensure that we can provide support for the Government and international aid agencies in terms of allocation of aid

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The Violence against women and girls remains one of the most endemic and devastating human rights violations across the world today. Through the exertion of power and control in the intersection of various power structures, women and girls lives and their communities are being destroyed. Even the very term “violence against women and girls” is problematic in itself, as it is passive and does not focus on the perpetrators of the violence.

There are an estimated 100,000 new refugees as a result of the violence from winter 2016, with scores of thousands still not receiving any aid at all. Conditions in refugee camps are almost unliveable and one of the major causes of this is a simple lack of access to clean water for drinking and for sanitation.

On top of providing Health, Nutrition, Maternity, Infant Services, Restless Beings aim to build 50 tube wells and 80 additional toilets with sanitation facilities as well as a complete sanitation system which will reduce contamination and disease for unto 8,000 refugees. These projects provide lifetime supplies of water and sanitation. Additionally we aim to provide monthly supplies of food to at least 1,000 refugees.


http://www.restlessbeings.org | http://www.restlessbeings.org


Restless Beings

Why Uinspire works with this partner:

Restless Beings is an international movement, British charity and alternative news agency. Restless Beings has changed the way in which grassroots organisations can raise awareness and make tangible holistic change for some of the most vulnerable and needy - in the spirit of borderless global one-ness.

With its unique voluntary led structure, refreshing campaigns and creative approach, RestlessBeings has successfully attracted change makers from across the world and secured powerful partnerships which have enabled the organisation to deliver work that is often difficult in volatile environments. Projects range from working with street children in Bangladesh, women's rights issues in Kyrgyzstan and Rohingya lives in Burma and across south east Asia.