Cultural Arts Training to Disabled Children
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‘Cultural Arts Training Program for Children’, is a unique chance to directly support some of the most vulnerable children in the Northern Eastern districts of Sri Lanka.

This program uses an arts-based approach to providing psychosocial support for children affected by serious trauma or chronic stress. It uses the arts to help children process and communicate feelings related to their experiences. This program also uses arts-based creative learning methods to make education more interactive and fun in math, vocabulary, literacy, history, and other subject areas.

The healing process begins when a child shares his or her memories and feelings, either verbally or through artistic expression, with a trusted and caring adult or peer. The result is a child who feels less isolated and more connected and safe amidst the trusted adults and peers in their lives. This in turn can lead to a more confident and secure child, leaving each child more likely to learn and more likely to feel hopeful for a better future.

All the children in the centre will be able to take part in some sort of art-making activity. By doing so, they will feel an enormous sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem. The program is carefully designed in such a way that gearing the activity to the ability of the child.

In the last 5 years, the HOPE program has supported more than 100 children around Northern and Eastern part of Sri Lanka.


This project is ongoing and we are currently aiming to raise £500 for it. This fund will go directly to:

  • To purchase basic necessary stationary and resources to run the program
  • To provide awareness programme for children, parents and guardians
  • To provide drawing training for existing and new children – resource payments.
  • To provide food & refreshment, transport and small staff allowance.

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Serendip Children's Home

Why Uinspire works with this partner:

Serendip is a registered, non-profit charity which is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children and adults in the north east of Sri Lanka. The charity has grown year on year and now have a number of ongoing projects. Their educational projects support many young people from pre-school age all the way up to university including building pre-schools, funding vocational and non vocational courses, as well as providing ICT training and materials. They are committed to helping destitute adults and families for example through sustainable projects which empower individuals to set up their own business and support their family. They also provide essential financial and community support for children with special needs and autism. These projects are funded through their yearly fundraising events.