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Support For Children With Special Needs

Project outline

Support for children with special needs in the Northern Eastern districts of Sri Lanka is an often ignored problem, as parents and careers have a very limited understanding of each child’s individual needs. Children with special needs ranging from: autism, down syndrome, mental illness and physical disabilities are all treated in one classroom, by a single teacher who has no training to provide specialist care for each condition. Serendip aims to confront this by providing training for teachers and parents. This training will highlight how to spot the different conditions, and most importantly, how to provide care for them.

Additionally, Serendip aims to find ways to treat these children, by working alongside the health ministry to create a policy document for autism. This will provide more clarity to those working with children with autism, and a more standardized way of treating them. This project is ongoing and extremely exciting - the first conference being held on the 19th July to discuss the specifics of the policy document.

We can truly change the lives of these children with special needs, enabling them to improve their employment opportunities as well as their quality of life.

The care for special needs children takes place in centres from different districts across Sri Lanka. Children come in the morning and leave in the afternoon getting provided with all kinds of care during the day.

We will focus on 3-4 districts, with each district containing 10-12 centres.

Why do we need your help?

Asking for £12,000 they plan to:

  • Work with the department of health and schools
  • Provide specialist equipment for special needs centres within schools, costs include: Trampoline (£120); Sensory Toys (£80); Wooden Toys (150).
  • Provide equipment for 30 selected schools, 10 in Jaffna; 10 in Kilinochchil; and10 in Mullaitivu.


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Serendip Children's Home

Why Uinspire works with this partner:

Serendip is a registered, non-profit charity which is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children and adults in the north east of Sri Lanka. The charity has grown year on year and now have a number of ongoing projects. Their educational projects support many young people from pre-school age all the way up to university including building pre-schools, funding vocational and non vocational courses, as well as providing ICT training and materials. They are committed to helping destitute adults and families for example through sustainable projects which empower individuals to set up their own business and support their family. They also provide essential financial and community support for children with special needs and autism. These projects are funded through their yearly fundraising events.