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Uinspire Digital Academy Launch!

The Uinspire digital academy is a global education initiative. The academy aims to lift people out of poverty by offering digital, leadership and communication skills that have become vital in an increasingly globalised and connected world. The first digital academy in Sri Lanka will run an eight-week training course for local underprivileged 18 to 25-year-olds in Jaffna, in the north of the country. The academy will offer locals the tools needed to attain employment that is both financially rewarding and socially accessible.

Uinspire Fellowship Program

Uinspire Fellowship Program offers a three to six month global experience for extraordinary people the platform to make an impact. By training talented young people and accelerating their dreams with the right resources, we cultivate a highly capable and impactful next generation of social business leaders. We faithfully believe this is the most effective way to foster progress and economic growth worldwide.

Uinspire Global Leadership Events

In Give Work, Leila Janah offers a much-needed solution to solving poverty: incentivize everyone from entrepreneurs to big companies to give dignified, steady, fair-wage work to low-income people. Her social business, Samasource, connects people living below the poverty line—on roughly $2 a day—to digital work for major tech companies. To date, the organization has provided over $10 million in direct income to tens of thousands of people...