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From Tragedy To Blessing: Kushil’s Journey

Kushil’s Journey:

“Uinspire founder Kieran Arasaratnam interviews Kushil Gunasekera, a pioneer in community development and impact investment in Sri Lanka, on overcoming adversity and the beauty of reconciliation"

Meeting Kushil for the first time, he does not come across as a man that has seen hardship. His broad smile, friendly manner and openness gives the sense of man who is at ease - a man who is content with life. However, the reality is quite different.

Kushil Gunasekera, the founder of Sri Lanka’s Foundation of Goodness, is not content, at least not with the suffering of others. His life’s work has been to help those less fortunate. This work has led him to meet people in the most desperate and impoverished circumstances on a daily basis.

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